Visiting Artist at the Gibbes

Documenting events for the Gibbes Museum consistently introduces us to talented artist. The four walls of the studio are the same, but each artist fills and makes the space their own for their month stay. You get to see their completed works, their works in process, their tools and ask questions. Some artist have collaborative art and invite you to participate. If you look at art and have questions about process, medium and inspiration; keep your eye on the artist schedule.

(Artist: Alex Waggoner, Stephen Elliott Webb, Mary Jackson, Hirona Matsuda, Carey Morton, Francisca Palazuelos, Julyan Davis, Mary May, Tom Stanley)

Stick Art

Tickle your creativity and remember the last time you built a fort or spent time in a treehouse. The Gibbes brought in Patrick Dougherty to create an installation over the course of 3 weeks. His medium of stick sculptures are like playhouses for adults. I enjoyed so many elements of his process and completed creation. Check it out!

Vern Yip at the Gibbes

Art + Design @ The Gibbes! The Art of Design Luncheon Presented by the Women's Council featured speaker Vern Yip. Known for his TLC's Trading Spaces, NBC's Home Intervention and HGTV's most recognizable designer, Vern shared his background, travel experiences and personal style. My personal favorite tidbit were the measurements that translate to ease of living. His linens and patterns graced the tables of the luncheon.

Duvall Catering | Sperry Tents | Jane & Gretchen Floral


Gibbes- Society 1858 Winter Party

Documenting Society 1858's winter party is an art filled experience. Favorite elements of the Graffiti in the Garden included break dancers, move your feet tunes, 3-D mural and painted skate decks by local artist.

Gibbes Museum of Art | Society 1858
Portuguese street-artist Odeith  | DJWolfNYC
Harvest Catering's | inventivENVIRONMENTS

Gibbes Restored and Renovated

The Gibbes Museum is more than a building, and the Gibbes renovation was more than a facelift. With the ‘Art is the Reason’ theme at the core, the museum’s team created spaces within the space. The layout and art leads you from room to room, each room containing a mini-experience. Classrooms bring a strong focus to creative, experiential learning for adults and children alike. Bold colored walls, and exceptional lighting, give a new depth to familiar pieces. As wedding photographers, we are excited to photograph our first couple in the dome room (and in the gardens at sunset!). There are so many details high, low, left and right that make the renovated space extra special. Go see for yourself!