image © Brad McGovern aka (brother)

image © Brad McGovern aka (brother)

About MCG: better together

WHO:  Corrie and James are two creatives who met in the darkroom at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA in 2001. After eloping to Vegas, the husband and wife team made their home in Charleston, SC in 2004. Our folks like to think we had a grand plan with Charleston becoming a top destination location. The truth is that we scouted three cities and fell in love with Charleston immediately. The charm, streets, vignettes, food, beaches, trees had us at hello. We jumped in with weddings. Evolving into portraits was client-driven as our brides and grooms started families of their own.

GOAL:  Captivating images and enjoyable experiences. We aspire to create beautiful images that convey moments, relationships, time… those things that make each situation unique. Part of crafting awesome imagery is a comfort and ease on both sides of the lens. We strive for photo-positive experiences rooted in good-natured people skills, clear communication and responsiveness.

STYLE:  Simple, authentic photography paired with clients' sense of style and personality. Some call it a blend of formal and candids, photojournalism and crafted, traditional and in-the-moment. My new favorite description is pulled from a Nia term ‘form and freedom’.


Corrie : Horse-loving, dance-happy, bookish-introvert

FILL ME UP'S: teaching Nia (dance & movement), time with horses, one-on-one time with loved ones, swimming and floating, quiet time, trail rides, reading nooks, book stores.

NAUGHTY PLEASURES: Romance novels. Fried pickles. Calendar free days.

GRAB ME WORDS: Wellness, connection, energy, kindness, grace, true, authentic, harmony.

WHY PHOTOGRAPHY: It gives me a jolt to participate in our client's feeling good in their skin or helping create a relaxed environment for the moments to unfold. I like be a gift-giver and know that our images might find their way to your walls. We get to be part of creating, crafting and capturing images that will be treasures now and memory keepers as time moves on. And while editing is not my favorite part of photography, culling and hunting for the images that tell stories is still pretty cool.

image © Jaquilyn Shumate

image © Jaquilyn Shumate

image © Captured by Kate

image © Captured by Kate

James: Earth-loving artist

FILL ME UP'S:  New Experiences. Add a dash of travel + family, friends, reading, swimming, outdoors’ing, yard’ening, learning, beaching...

NAUGHTY PLEASURES:  Hooky. Eating out.

GRAB ME WORDS:  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

WHY PHOTOGRAPHY:  Art. Life. Love at a fraction of a second. And if an image is worth a thousand words then I average around 50,000,000 words each year with a camera as my voice. Much to be said for the beauty around us.