How Mother/Daughter agreed on MCG Photography

We are always curious how clients find us. Julie (aka. Abby’s mom) shared that she made a list of photographers for Abby to pick from for her senior portraits. Abby looked through the websites and went with us. She selected Folly Beach as her location and crafted her look with two different outfits.

I had asked Julie (mom) for some Abby traits to get a sense of her and her mom’s eye view. “One of Abby’s best qualities is she tells you how it is…. no matter what, and she truly has a heart of gold!” Abby’s confidence, composure and warmth definitely illustrated her mom’s description.

We would love the opportunity to photograph your senior, tween or teen and discover their uniqueness!

Moment at Middleton

There are countless reasons why we love to retreat a night or two at Middleton Inn. Seeing all the horses as we drive in, wine and cheese hour, hammocks, being riverside and walking by tiki torches to Middleton Place for a meal are just a few. Our top reason is having the trails to ourselves early morning and late evening. It is pure peacefulness with an alligator sighting or two.

Middleton Reflections

Stick Art

Tickle your creativity and remember the last time you built a fort or spent time in a treehouse. The Gibbes brought in Patrick Dougherty to create an installation over the course of 3 weeks. His medium of stick sculptures are like playhouses for adults. I enjoyed so many elements of his process and completed creation. Check it out!

Make Your Walls Happy

Project update our wall art finally happened. During the 5 days that the images were down for reframing, we made a discovery about ourselves. Bare walls make us sad. Make your walls happy and put art on them!

Boxes and more boxes

We have one cat-free room in the house. It’s designated for storing, packaging, mailing, prints, albums, art supplies... The production room. Also known as the Album Room. It has the softer touches of ribbons, white gloves, tissue paper, pens, markers, stickers, cards and stamps. Boutique. We have big boxes, small boxes, rectangles boxes, square boxes, heavy duty boxes, boxes for this and boxes for that. While putting the finishing touches on an Art Book, adding the red fragile stickers, I thought this is not just a box. One of my favorite children’s books is ‘Not a Box’ by Antoinette Portis. It speaks to the creative world of imagination and turns cardboard into infinite possibilities.

MCG’s boxes are houses. Each home contains a multitude of memories, expressions and moments to savor. Heirlooms.

Horse Power Heals

Fun-raising! Shaking it up! Low Country Harley Davidson put on the First Annual Horse Power Heal’s poker run in support of LEAP (Lowcountry Equine Assisted Psychotherapy). Tattooed Moose on Johns Island hosted the after party with bbq, drinks, music and raffles. Keep your eyes open for next year’s low key, fun-raiser that supports local individuals on their wellness journey.

PS. Yes, there is a slight bias. We are extra invested as our horse, Harmony, is one of the four-legged team members! She along with her human helpers (aka therapists and equine specialist) do really big work.