Feeling Fall

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”― Jim Bishop

In Charleston, we have lots of warm days and humid hot days. So cool, fall portraits make us a giddy. Sweaters, vest, boots and make for excellent photos. This is a great example of our family tree session. Focusing on the whole, individual units, different generations and of course the smile makers, kiddos. 

Holiday Family Portraits

I always get excited to see what color combinations Alina will incorporate into the session. Her choices are fun and reflect her families zest for life. We offer clothing suggestions/color combinations and then hope you will select what makes you feel like your unique self. 

Charleston Holiday Portraits

Silly at Seabrook

This is a great example of a causal, playful session on Seabrook. We start in the green area, mosey down the boardwalk and end up on the beach. If skipping, hugging, racing and hand holding is your thing, please let us know and we will weave it in. 

Isle of Palms Portraits

How do we keep 9 adults and 9 kiddos happy, smiling and playful? This is a repeat family, so they knew we would match their personalities of relaxed fun! We usually start with the biggest group first. Photo and play. Break into smaller units. Photo and play. Break into other combinations. Photo and play. Bribery, tickling, peak-a-boo, duck calls and an occasional soft frisbee are not out of place...

Beach play

We had one of those magic days where the light was soft and the beach was quiet. The kids were happy, water magnets, the birds teased us, and Maggie, the doodle, added to the fun factor. You will notice many of our clients wear shades of blue. I am a blue girl. I think it generally is flattering to skin tones, shapes and backgrounds. 

Family Play at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary grounds combined with the dunes and beach is an excellent contrast of backgrounds. It also allows us to extend our time beyond the magic hour before sunset at the beach for great light. 

Beached at Kiawah

Kiawah is a hot spot for extended family gatherings which means portraits, portraits and more portraits for us. We have photographed all over the Island depending on clients' location and preferences. The beach is usually a given, but we like to stop and get a few other perspectives along the way. We offer guidance on selecting a clothing that is flattering and still reflects you. The littlest girl took the 'still reflects you' to heart and opted to where her dress backwards. She wore it so confidently, I just assumed she was fashion forward.