Art of Healing

I dig receiving mail. Stamps, letters and cards. It is a simple pleasure, but it often rates high on my joy meter. And occasionally we receive a thank you card from a hospital. Specifically, a “guest” (patient) of the hospital. While I like living in a city with great hospitals and health-care facilities, those institutions usually inspire an emotion other than joy. But not so with cards from Roper Hospital. I cannot wait to open it. “Seeing your picture made me feel better.” A simple “Thank you” from a guest that selected and enjoyed James’ landscape art while recouping at Roper St Francis Hospital.

Roper Hospital and the Gibbes Museum of Art partner in an effort to bring art to hospital rooms. In a unique program, guests get to select a piece of wall art from the Gibbes Museum Lending Collection for their room while healing at Roper. James currently has one black and white fine art photograph loaned by the museum but the program boasts a sizeable collection of art to choose from.  Mostly color and mostly paints. A variety of art for a variety of tastes and all for a good cause

To learn and share more, I pulled the inspiration from Gibbes original press release below;  

The idea for the Art of Healing program at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital began several years ago when local composer and artist Richard Moryl was a patient in the rehab unit under the care of Jeb Hallett, MD, Roper Vascular Care. Richard mentioned to his wife, Artistic Director Emeritus for the 2013 Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Ellen Dressler Moryl, that being surrounded by art would raise his spirits. “People don’t smile enough in hospitals,” Richard Moryl said. With several of his paintings displayed on the walls, the hospital felt more like home. “When it comes to healing, I don’t think you can beat art,” he explained. Dr. Hallett agreed and an initiative to bring art to Roper St. Francis patients was born. “Art can help transport a patient’s attention away from their pain or condition to produce more positive emotions. The art being provided through this wonderful Gibbes program will be a means of expanding our patient’s thoughts and interests, leading to improved mental and physical health,” says Dr. Hallett. (

Bring on good health. Encourage a smile. Art your walls!!!

Art of Healing Print