We hear it all. Upon expressing appreciation for clothing color choices, we learned that it was Kyles’ favorite team’s colors. I (Corrie speaking) do not speak sports, so I was simply grateful that the corresponding color looked so fabulous on them both. Enjoy the fun and playfulness of these two! We sure did.

In Every Way

As a couple photographing couples, we go on many double dates;  ie…engagement sessions. We consider it a job perk that we are continually able to document the beginning of a committed journey. Rachael and Steve’s easy going manner and kindness transferred through the lens in every way.

Spoleto 2013

Every May/June in Charleston we receive an infusion of performance art packaged, and presented, by Spoleto.  Everything from theater, poetry, musical theater, orchestra, singers, modern, classical dance and after parties bears the Spoleto stamp for two plus weeks.  And MCG plays a small roll in documenting the events that gather support for all the events.

Adventures of the Outdoor Bridal

Bridal sessions often have dual purposes. We have the opportunity to connect with the bride and uncover her style on a journey to photographic locations that might not be available to us on the wedding day due to timing or distance. The session also serves as test runs for make-up, hair, undergarments, dress on, dress off and jewelry. In the example below our bride walked away with the following note: tighter hair swoop. We finished the day knowing our client likes to smile, is stunning in her gown, and has a wonderful mom and maid of honor. The time together builds ease and trust between the photographer, the camera, and the bride.