Stick Art

Tickle your creativity and remember the last time you built a fort or spent time in a treehouse. The Gibbes brought in Patrick Dougherty to create an installation over the course of 3 weeks. His medium of stick sculptures are like playhouses for adults. I enjoyed so many elements of his process and completed creation. Check it out!

Gibbes Restored and Renovated

The Gibbes Museum is more than a building, and the Gibbes renovation was more than a facelift. With the ‘Art is the Reason’ theme at the core, the museum’s team created spaces within the space. The layout and art leads you from room to room, each room containing a mini-experience. Classrooms bring a strong focus to creative, experiential learning for adults and children alike. Bold colored walls, and exceptional lighting, give a new depth to familiar pieces. As wedding photographers, we are excited to photograph our first couple in the dome room (and in the gardens at sunset!). There are so many details high, low, left and right that make the renovated space extra special. Go see for yourself!

Gibbes: scope of a year

Little Pleasures. There is something smile worthy about receiving mail with our images on it. Working with the Gibbes Museum of Art throughout the year is always inspirational and educational.

images top left, bottom left and right © MCG Photography

images top left, bottom left and right © MCG Photography

images left top, middle and bottom/ top and bottom left © MCG Photography

images left top, middle and bottom/ top and bottom left © MCG Photography

Gibbes: 2014 Annual Report

Design as Art

In March of 2014 the Women’s Council of the Gibbes Museum hosted Charlotte Moss for the Art of Design lecture and luncheon benefiting the museum. Ms Moss, author of A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspiration, sparks the senses to be present to see the beauty that surrounds us. She takes it many steps further by gathering those sparks into everyday and extraordinary design.

Gibbes: Art Lecture

At the Gibbes invitation, I had the honor of documenting their inaugural speaker of the Distinguished Lecture Series. Leonard Lauder’s presentation of art from all perspectives grabbed me. He spoke of the museum’s role, the general public’s role and artist’s role in creating collections that continue to inspire and intrigue future viewers. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear and to see such a unique presentation.


Spoleto 2013

Every May/June in Charleston we receive an infusion of performance art packaged, and presented, by Spoleto.  Everything from theater, poetry, musical theater, orchestra, singers, modern, classical dance and after parties bears the Spoleto stamp for two plus weeks.  And MCG plays a small roll in documenting the events that gather support for all the events.