Rustic Comfort

Rebecca is pastels, daisies, flip flops and quiet. Wes is cooking over take out, singing, playing guitar and gregarious. The two of them together love all things camping, hiking, biking, taking dogs to the beach, traveling, food and adventure.

Wes' proposal plan was ruined with a torrential downpour, so plan B was a proposal at Rebecca's family home in front of their collective future family. The two selected Bonnie Doone Plantation for their vows and celebration. They were surround by friends, family, history and nature.

HOW THEY MET: We met at church in 2011. My sunday school teacher had asked him to come to our class one Sunday morning. My crazy teacher then proceeded to tell me to "look pretty and wear deodorant". Obviously people wanted us to be set up. So that was our first official meeting. Then I was the one who had to ask him on a date for the first time. I found out he liked to ride his bike so I asked him if he wanted to go to James Island county park for a bike ride. (totally not like me to ask people out). He made homemade hot chocolate and we rode and had a little picnic.

FAV MOMENTS OF WEDDING: (bride) My favorite part of our wedding day was seeing him for the first time, and the best man speech when the whole crowd learned about his birthmark on his butt :) I also died laughing when he saw my sister, the tomboy, for the first time in a dress, hair done, nails done, makeup on and he said, Whitney?? You're hot!   

In Bloom

We have explored and photographed Charleston in all seasons and weather and have always witnessed beauty. It might not have been the palette of colors we were expecting, but each season has it’s own brand of magic. For those who have their heart set on a particular bloom the Middleton Place's Annual Bloom List is your best bet.

Images taken April 2nd and 3rd on Middleton Place grounds. 

Peacock Portraits

James and I are animal lovers. Or, more specifically, cat, dog and horse lovers. So when a peacock and calf choose to collaborate in our portrait session at Middleton Place, we are cautiously open to it. The little one must be in the animal whisperer camp because her interaction with the peacock and calf were magic. Loved capturing those moments of awe, wonder and even a little assertion.

Hand Clapping

Prior to the portrait, the little miss’ mom shared that she was shy and not to expect smiles. So we counted ourselves extra lucky to have been the recipient of smiles, clapping and giggling from Miss Sloane. When choosing a location, we selected Boone Hall since the couple was married there. Love full circles!


On the horizon

Appreciating the curve of a baby belly during pregnancy is a great keepsake. We went back to the couples wedding venue, Lowndes Grove, and were able to take our time and ‘play’ with the camera..


Experience Middleton Place

Living in Charleston we get lots of family and friends visiting. They all want to know the best plantation that will give them the whole experience - house, gardens, animals, etc.. The hard part with such a recommendation is that each historic plantation has a little something special and unique. My favorite way to experience Middleton is to stay at Middleton Inn and explore the grounds close to sunrise and sunset. And for either weddings or portraits, Middleton Place is absolutely picturesque. Peacocks will mosey in your photographs. The sun will fall just right on the water for mirrored reflections. And each garden feels as if you have entered a new space. Experience it for yourself.