Proposal by Sail

Watching the weather. Crossing our fingers and hoping for sunshine.
We are in place. Discreetly holding the spot that will be optimum viewing.
The couple arrives by water taxi, groom strolls to THE spot and they are looking out at the water.
A sail boat glides by and the sail drops with large letters, Liz Marry Me?
He drops to one knee, proposes and she says YES!
And we get to be a part of the happy:)

Proposals through the lens

walk on the beach...he goes on one knee...we think she says 'YES'...he points to us...outfit change to stay session...sunset...A GREAT DAY!!!

Engagements Only

We are often asked if we photograph engagements only (not the wedding to follow). The answer is yes! Some of our clients are on vacation and are drawn to images with beach or Charleston backdrops. Some clients live here and are getting married elsewhere. For whatever the reason, if we have the availability, we are honored. It is great practice to step in front of professional cameras and get comfortable with the process regardless if we are your wedding day photographers.

Cozy in Autumn

Fall engagement sessions that actually look like autumn are kind of rare in Charleston. We lucked out with a cool day that put a touch of pink in our bride-to-be’s cheeks framed by trees with leaves in transition. The cozy aspect of the images were twofold. Kristen and Chris’ natural ease and cool weather cuddling create a warmth of their own.


We hear it all. Upon expressing appreciation for clothing color choices, we learned that it was Kyles’ favorite team’s colors. I (Corrie speaking) do not speak sports, so I was simply grateful that the corresponding color looked so fabulous on them both. Enjoy the fun and playfulness of these two! We sure did.

In Every Way

As a couple photographing couples, we go on many double dates;  ie…engagement sessions. We consider it a job perk that we are continually able to document the beginning of a committed journey. Rachael and Steve’s easy going manner and kindness transferred through the lens in every way.