Africa through the lens

My parents said 'Africa family trip 2011/2012' and James dusted off our passports for a photo-safari of a lifetime. How do you describe an adventure that takes you completely out of your everyday life? With photographs! Collectively we captured 3,000+ images. Everything was so new to our senses that it was hard to put the cameras down. 

The People. From our guides to the Massai and Mangatti we were welcomed with kindness and curiosity. The kids especially wanted to connect with touch and seeing their images on the back of the cameras. One of our guides pointed out a young woman looking at herself in the side view mirror of the truck. She was fascinated to see herself not with vanity, but with discovery. 

The Landscapes. The Acacia tree caught our interest time and time again. Their were so many aspects of this tree that fascinated. It was almost a character in an of itself. It provides food, housing and shade for many animals. It’s branches are cut and used for impromptu fencing for livestock. It also has wicked thorns and looks amazing against the Africa sky. 

The Animals. Seeing and being seen by elephants, lions, giraffes, warthogs, hyenas, zebras, wilderbeest, dikdik, antelope, dung beetles, countless birds and more left us in wonder and awe. Their unique sounds, pure size and relationships to one another kept us in a constant state of listening and learning. Interesting that the largest animals we encountered were vegetarian...