Raindrops and Vows

Weather happens. It is up to us to find the silver lining in each gust, drop or freeze and craft each into artful images. Cold weather brings out coats, snuggling and fun accessories like hats and scarves. Wind makes hair, veils and dresses dance. For raindrops, we bring out the big umbrellas and encourage lots of closeness. We count ourselves lucky that 9 out of 10 times our clients embrace the weather that shows up on their day. With well-adjusted expectations, we get to walk away with unexpectedly unique images.  

These two are a shining example of making the most of raindrops!

Bride and Horse

When pairing brides with horses, what is not to love?  I am sure most photographers have magic words that if spoken they are immediately hooked. For me those words are photography, dance and horses (Corrie speaking). For James the hook words are boats, travel, flying and photography. Sign us up!

For all cringing moms, this session took place after the wedding so we were free to play worry free.