And the fog rolled in

Clients often ask about how weather affects our work. My pollyannaish answer is that all weather has a benefit. It is in how you look at it. And through the years we have had to contend with all sorts of different weather conditions.

We have a timeless image of a couple kissing under an umbrella during and engagement session. We have a fun image of a wedding party on the porch of an old house while I held the umbrella for James to shoot. We have had a bride start her ceremony under the sky and finish it under a tent. In all cases these images have become favorites not only to the clients but to future clients who are pointing out what drew them to us.

One morning the fog rolled in, and stayed in, for our scheduled family portrait. Luckily we have photographed this particular family over the years and they were open to a session wrapped in fog. We improvised, used the environment we were given, and the results even surprised us.

So please know that if adverse weather happens, which on a coastal town is more the rule than the exception, we do our best to find the magic in it.