How to crop using our Gallery

Our images start in what we call full frame. It is a 2x3 ratio (4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24). From there we can crop and size to fit your space and preferences; squares, verticals and horizontals.

  • Enter your gallery via your event link

  • Select and click on image

  • To purchase and/or crop click the blue 'Buy Photo' button in right hand corner

  • Screen below (left) shows your sizes and prices. Select one.

  • If print size is not full frame or you want to crop, select 'Edit Crop' below the image

  • Screen below (right) shows the crop reset and moved off center for an 11x14 print

  • Feel free to call (843) 693.4328 if you would like Corrie to talk you through the process