Proposal by Sail

Watching the weather. Crossing our fingers and hoping for sunshine.
We are in place. Discreetly holding the spot that will be optimum viewing.
The couple arrives by water taxi, groom strolls to THE spot and they are looking out at the water.
A sail boat glides by and the sail drops with large letters, Liz Marry Me?
He drops to one knee, proposes and she says YES!
And we get to be a part of the happy:)

Proposals through the lens

walk on the beach...he goes on one knee...we think she says 'YES'...he points to us...outfit change to stay session...sunset...A GREAT DAY!!!

Charleston Proposal

Documenting proposals on the sly requires a bit of improvisation. In our most recent Charleston Proposal I asked two park strangers to be my decoys in order to capture the fiancé-to-be’s perspective. James was also able to be out of the line of vision from a different line of vision. So it was not until after the proposal that she realized the cameras were on them. Mission accomplished!

Bob proposed under the branches of the grand oaks at White Point Gardens, more commonly known as ‘The Battery’. From there we strolled some side streets to round out the Charleston look.