Moment at Middleton

There are countless reasons why we love to retreat a night or two at Middleton Inn. Seeing all the horses as we drive in, wine and cheese hour, hammocks, being riverside and walking by tiki torches to Middleton Place for a meal are just a few. Our top reason is having the trails to ourselves early morning and late evening. It is pure peacefulness with an alligator sighting or two.

Middleton Reflections

Make it You


Occasionally images grab us from the start and others pull at us days, months or even years later.

This collection is not new, but we find it timeless. 

The gown and details all reflect the bride. The veils light movement. The bows on the shoes. The drop of a pearl ear ring. The sparkle in the sash.

As you are creating your look; make it you.

'To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.' - Marc Jacobs


Pawley's Island Wedding Photography