How Mother/Daughter agreed on MCG Photography

We are always curious how clients find us. Julie (aka. Abby’s mom) shared that she made a list of photographers for Abby to pick from for her senior portraits. Abby looked through the websites and went with us. She selected Folly Beach as her location and crafted her look with two different outfits.

I had asked Julie (mom) for some Abby traits to get a sense of her and her mom’s eye view. “One of Abby’s best qualities is she tells you how it is…. no matter what, and she truly has a heart of gold!” Abby’s confidence, composure and warmth definitely illustrated her mom’s description.

We would love the opportunity to photograph your senior, tween or teen and discover their uniqueness!

Christmas Card Delight

images © MCG Photography / card by Tiny Print

images © MCG Photography / card by Tiny Print


Opening Christmas cards is like a holiday warm-up with warm wishes, love and smiles flowing. We are Christmas card slackers. Big time. In fact, we usually get ourselves together for a mass send out about every 4 years. So in the meantime we ride the wave of knowing that our images are a part of others sharing and joy!

This sweet family was the first sporting MCG images to arrive this year. So if your card includes an MCG smile and you have an extra, send it our way! We will ask permission to post. Promise.