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Always grateful for a post by PartySlate

If the images make your grin, the bride's words will make your smile burst. 

"Someone once told me that your wedding day is the only day of your life that most everyone that is important to each of you will be in one room. It just won't happen again. We tried to keep that in mind when planning and on our big day. I can honestly say I rarely got stressed with the planning process, and was not stressed at all the day of. Our goal was to just have as big of a party as we could and enjoy the day.

One of the things that made our wedding so special was the photos and videos. Tim's brother passed away in March, and this was the last professional photos he had or they had as a family. Seeing him in the video give a toast is definitely hard, but I'm so glad we have it to show his kids later.

We wanted our wedding to be personal. MCG did a great job with that by meeting with us and really figuring out what vibe we were going for with pictures. We tried to incorporate parts of ourselves in the wedding with the golf cart exit (Tim is an avid golfer), the food (all very southern for me), and the little touches like having our favorite cookie in the welcome bags.

Tim would say that his favorite part of the day was seeing me walk down the aisle (I think the guy is required to say that), but my favorite would have to be taking pictures after the ceremony. Tim and I did the traditional, groom and bride don't see each other before the ceremony thing. Because of that, it was really nice to leave the church in a car by ourselves, head to the park, and spend about 30 minutes with just the photographers and videographer. We even got to practice our first dance out there and those ended up being some of the best pictures. It gave us a chance to realize that we were actually married!" ~ Whitney, bride