Engagements Only

We are often asked if we photograph engagements only (not the wedding to follow). The answer is yes! Some of our clients are on vacation and are drawn to images with beach or Charleston backdrops. Some clients live here and are getting married elsewhere. For whatever the reason, if we have the availability, we are honored. It is great practice to step in front of professional cameras and get comfortable with the process regardless if we are your wedding day photographers.

Vern Yip at the Gibbes

Art + Design @ The Gibbes! The Art of Design Luncheon Presented by the Women's Council featured speaker Vern Yip. Known for his TLC's Trading Spaces, NBC's Home Intervention and HGTV's most recognizable designer, Vern shared his background, travel experiences and personal style. My personal favorite tidbit were the measurements that translate to ease of living. His linens and patterns graced the tables of the luncheon.

Duvall Catering | Sperry Tents | Jane & Gretchen Floral


Photographing Tweens

Why the Tween years are special photographically? A Tween is 11-13 years old, in the window between childhood and young adult. Capture it before they are full fledged teenagers!

How to connect with Tweens for unique, authentic images? We lucked out on this portrait. The parents were open to picking a spot where the tweens felt comfortable and allowed them the space to be themselves. They had lots of choices such as clothing, smiling with or with/out showing teeth and backgrounds. They communicated, laughed and were involved in the experience.

Gibbes- Society 1858 Winter Party

Documenting Society 1858's winter party is an art filled experience. Favorite elements of the Graffiti in the Garden included break dancers, move your feet tunes, 3-D mural and painted skate decks by local artist.

Gibbes Museum of Art | Society 1858
Portuguese street-artist Odeith  | DJWolfNYC
Harvest Catering's | inventivENVIRONMENTS

Kiawah Wedding- Styled

All weddings have their flow. This one was jam packed with moment after moment of style, fun, laughter, flare, singing and dancing. Documenting love, play, beauty in all their various forms never gets old. Thank you for bringing us along...

Put a Stamp on It

Thank you for putting a stamp on it and sending it our way! Our portraits include 3 files sized for 4x6 prints. They are most commonly used for save-the-dates, Christmas, New Years, birth announcements and graduation prints or cards. Being on the receiving end of our clients cards makes my day. I love seeing what image grabbed them and how they further express themselves.

*Top left: Tiny Prints | Top Right: Minted | Bottom Left: Tiny Prints | Bottom Right: Minted