Boxes and more boxes

We have one cat-free room in the house. It’s designated for storing, packaging, mailing, prints, albums, art supplies... The production room. Also known as the Album Room. It has the softer touches of ribbons, white gloves, tissue paper, pens, markers, stickers, cards and stamps. Boutique. We have big boxes, small boxes, rectangles boxes, square boxes, heavy duty boxes, boxes for this and boxes for that. While putting the finishing touches on an Art Book, adding the red fragile stickers, I thought this is not just a box. One of my favorite children’s books is ‘Not a Box’ by Antoinette Portis. It speaks to the creative world of imagination and turns cardboard into infinite possibilities.

MCG’s boxes are houses. Each home contains a multitude of memories, expressions and moments to savor. Heirlooms.