James and Corrie

“Our goal is to capture art through life. Art, we hope, that is timeless."


Two creatives who met in the darkroom and made Charleston their home. The husband and wife team met in 2001 while studying at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Corrie and James' evolving work became the marriage of MCG Photography when they relocated to Charleston in 2004. Together, Wedding Photography, Portraiture and Art have become teachers on the art of relationship - from both sides of the camera. Photography allows them to follow their interests both personally and professionally. Art deepens interest, interest leads to art.


We pair our simple, authentic photography with your sense of style and personality. We hope our work translates emotion and triggers memories.


To create beautiful images that convey moments, relationships, time… those things that make each situation unique. And enjoy the journey along the way.

Smile. Laugh. Love

James and Corrie, MCG Photography

image Left © Brad McGovern/ Center © Jaquilyn Shumate Photography/ Right © Captured by Kate